We offer a wide variety of products for you to bring Relax and Balance home. 

Plant Therapy 100% pure essential oil ~ prices vary
We carry over 50 different essential oils to meet all your needs, including seasonal blends. 
Plant Therapy is a wonderful comapny with one of the highest standards in producing high quality, 100% pure, natural essential oils. Check in often, we are always adding new single notes + belnds. 
Baitx Made Candles ~ $18 ea.
These beautiful soy candles are hand poured in small batches, from a small women run company out of California.
They have over 70 hours burn time with clean cotton wicks, making them an amazing candle with a slow, even burn. 
We have over 10 yummy scents including Pumpkin Pie, Christmas Burch and Berry Sangira.
WELL CBD Products ~ $19 - $48
We offer cream, salve, bath soak and a gift set for the Holidays. I personally have had great results with all 3 of these products. CBD oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, relieving us from muscle and joint pain. These products are beautifuly made with all nautral
ingredients you can pronounce, containing high levels of CBD oil per ounce. No worries, there is zero THC in these products. 
-The Massage Cream is super luxe containing shea, avacado oil + vitiamin E. Great for larger areas like the back + legs.
-The Salve is perfect for specific aches + pains containing the highest CBD of 100mg per ounce. Try this for chronic neck pain or arthritis.
-Soothe your aching muscles and joints with this amazing, natural bath soak. Made with French Gray Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt + Lavender essential oils.
Selenite ~ $15 - $95
We offer Selenite Lamps and Tealight Holders. Selenite can bring you a feeling of calm + peace. Use selenite to help clear blockages and negitivy energy. 
Sage + Smudging Bowls ~ $4 - $38
We carry 3 different types of sage. Smudging your home, business and yourself can be very beneficial. Bringing you a sense of calm, wellbeing + help clear negative energy. Our ceramic smugding bowls are beautifuly crafted + hand dipped for a unquie custom finish. Every purchase comes with a smuddging guide. 
Diffusers ~ $58
These ultrasonic diffusers will give your entire room the benefits of essentail oils. With alternating lights and auto shut off these beautiful diffusers will bring peace + calm to any room.
Lavender Eye Pillow $12 ea.
Enjoy peace + quite with this handmade eye pillow. Made with lavender buds, essential oils + rice.
Carrier Oils ~ $10-$16
We have a great selection of carrier oils to add to your essentail oils or enjoy on there on. Avacado, Almond, Jojoba and Macadiamia Nut oils all have amazing qualities and benefits to fit your needs.

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